Welcome Home

Welcome to Tonk Inc., a family-run company that owns the diverse Seattle, WA-area properties it rents out. We can change the way you think about the rental experience: Our number-one commitment is fostering genuinely satisfying relationships with our tenants.

Expect a level of care and reliability from us you don’t get from every property-management outfit. Because we own our own residential and commercial space, we’re deeply invested in upkeep and repair. And because we’re a family-owned operation, we’ve got a truly personal investment in our business and go about our day-to-day work with an emphasis on friendliness and honesty.

If you’re used to cold, aloof landlords, the way we do things here at Tonk Inc. will be a wonderful rush of fresh air. Tell us what you’re looking for—whether it’s commercial office space or multifamily housing—and we'll proudly show you our immaculately maintained, fabulously situated properties. If you’re a current tenant, get in touch with us with any issue you might have: We’ll be on the case in no time!